5 Cool Summer Looks You Can Create With Vests

5 Cool Summer Looks You Can Create With Vests
The vest serves as innerwear for the upper torso. The two most common types of inner vests are those with sleeves, also referred to as undershirts, and those without sleeves, simply referred to as "vests." You can style a vest with shorts, a convertible jacket, or even a pair of boots or shoes. So, if you're about to buy men's vests online in India and wondering how you're going to style them, let's learn several ways to style vests this summer. Read on to learn more.
  • The first thing about styling a vest is not to button the jacket. If you're wearing a vest and after that jacket, keep it open, and it's a ceremonial gesture. (hence the term "buttoned-up", meaning uptight). You want to maintain a carefree and easygoing atmosphere this summer, remember?
  • Vests are a common fabric in the exercise industry in addition to being fashionable. Being sleeveless makes it simple to move your arms around, making it a good option for sportswear. A top choice for exercising at the gym, riding a bike, hiking, running, and other sports. 
  • Maintain the same tonal family for the T-shirt and vest. There is too much contrast with a white shirt and a dark vest at the top. You can use darker colours with your trousers or possibly some accessories but keep everything above in the same colour family. For instance - if you're wearing white vests, keep your shirt white. 
  • Avoid wearing formal shoes or a tie, which are accessories you typically wear with a suit. This gives the impression that you are working with what you have on hand and have disassembled a three-piece suit or were wearing one previously. Not good. You should make it obvious that this vest is intended solely for outdoor activities during warmer weather.
  • Keep in mind that everything feels heavy in the hot weather. Make sure your layers are light and absorbent if you're planning to layer. It adds texture to the outfit, is composed of both materials (linen), and has a slightly rumpled appearance—both advantageous in this situation.
          Things to look for when purchasing an inner vest
          When buying inner vests, consider these considerations to solve all the issues.
          • Fabric -  Fabric is determined by numerous characteristics, including sweat-absorbency, moisture-wicking, and lightness. The most common material used to create innerwear is cotton. For it to work correctly, the inner vest needs to be light and stretchy.
          • Size - Since sizes differ from brand to brand, you should always size yourself correctly and go through the size chart of the brand you purchase from. A larger size will bunch up, giving the area an untidy appearance and increasing heat & sweat. A vest of a smaller size will continue to wrap up on your stomach and emerge from the tuck.
          • Colour - The inner vest's colour is much more significant because top clothing, such as shirts, t-shirts, and kurtas, tends to be more sheer or transparent than trousers or jeans. 
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