All The Things Men Should Know About Cotton Underwear

All The Things Men Should Know About Cotton Underwear

Like most people, even you would hold the opinion that there is not much to learn about underwear. After all, it is just the clothing you wear next to your skin, right?

However, just wearing, changing, washing, and repeating your underwear is not enough. There’s actually a lot more than you can think. And one of such things is the fabric. The type of fabric you choose for your undergarments can make a difference in your comfort, style, and overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you carefully choose a fabric for your underwear.

When you think of fabric, one of the first things that pop into your mind is Cotton. Cotton has been ruling the fabric world since ages now, and you can find it almost everywhere. Be it towels, apparel, clothing accessories, home furnishing or medical dressing, cotton and cotton blends are the most commonly used fabric. Similarly, for underwear, innerwear and loungewear, cotton is the most preferred fabric by men around the world.

Here’s all you need to know about cotton underwear-

  1. It is versatile- As men lead lives that may involve a lot of activity and movement relatively quickly, it is essential to have underwear that fits all situations. Cotton is a fabric that makes you feel good both while you sit on a chair for 8 hours and even when you move around on the basketball court. Although 100 % pure cotton doesn’t stretch; however, you can purchase underwear made of cotton blend, which gives all the benefits of cotton and no conflicts with activities that require movement.
  2. It is highly breathable- A lot goes on into a man’s pants. If everything is smashed together, it can create a lot of sweaty mess which may lead to chafing, jock itch, fungus, and more. Cotton is a highly breathable fabric that doesn't let you feel hot, moist, or uncomfortable. As it is a natural fibre, it keeps you cool and your skin safe.
  3. Absorbs moisture- Cotton fabric absorbs moisture which is why underwear made of this fabric gets and stays- a bit wet. When you wear cotton underwear, it may even feel that your balls are wrapped in a damp washcloth. Unless you like feeling so, cotton boys brief online India are not the most enjoyable option.
  4. Comfortable- Underwear needs to be soft and comfortable so that it does not lead to itching and pinching down there. As cotton is a soft fabric, it can be your go-to option if you are looking for comfort.

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