All You Could Possibly Ever Want To Know About the Slip

All You Could Possibly Ever Want To Know About the Slip

You probably have a few worries whenever you purchase a light chiffon Kurti or sheer georgette kurta. Is it too out there? Is this too much skin exposure? Does my slip show through? These are common issues that affect every woman. Indeed, we spent our whole time scrolling and looking for the best innerwear hoping to find the perfect one this time. Unfortunately, we often get innerwear that is either too short or too long and hardly matches your outfit. 

Well, now it's time to say goodbye to your worries when it comes to buying innerwear! Attwact brings the perfect women's innerwear online in India for every imaginable outfit! We'd like to present you with our newest innerwear collection, which includes a wide range of Slips in various lengths and colours. Also, We've compiled a few reasons why you should consider wearing slips. 

Types Of Slips

The short Kurta Slip: This innerwear is intended to be used as a base layer under mid-length tunics, short kurtas, and shirts that stop above the knees. You won't have to worry about it showing through the sides of your clothing because of the high side slit design. Phew! A huge relief!

The Knee-Length Slip or Long Slip: This slip comes with a side slit and is used as a layering piece under knee-length clothing such as long dresses and Kurtis. It comes in various sizes and shapes that give you comfortable wearing, and that's why we adore its fashion and adaptability.

Reasons Why you Should Wear a Slip 

Add a layer under a semi-sheer outfit

Although this is the typical "exactly like your mom" explanation for a slip, you shouldn't ignore it. Even if your dress is only somewhat translucent, you might find that it reveals more of your skin than you'd want when it's directly in the sun. Additionally, you may not necessarily get the real picture in dim light or at night. We suggest you choose a colour as close as possible to your skin tone for the best results.

Wearing a slip improves the durability of your clothing

Did you realise that your clothes may become tense? The friction can stress the cloth, leading to abrasion if you aren't wearing a slip. Wearing a slip removes the majority of this friction, preventing your clothing from starting to hide in your wardrobe out of concern that it would be chosen as the outfit of the day. In many ways, the term "wear and tear" can describe what occurs every time you wear your clothes.

Stay relaxed all-day

A silk slip is an ideal solution if you detest constantly tugging at and altering your clothing. It creates a tight, smooth layer between your skirt and your legs (or tights), allowing your top layer dress to move freely. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, the slip will keep everything exactly where it should be!

Slips allow you to layer or can be worn solely as outerwear. At Attwact, we offer you high-quality, skin-friendly cloth in solid colours for your stylistic requirements. We have everything you need, including short Kurti slips and long slips. Visit our website to explore the best girls' innerwear online in India and also choose the best Kurtha slips at the best price.