All You Should Know about Camisoles and Slips

All You Should Know about Camisoles and Slips

Although different types of innerwear, camisoles and slips are clothing items that serve different functions in a women’s wardrobe. While camisoles are sleeveless tops held by spaghetti straps, slips can be worn beneath the clothing as innerwear. Want to know more about camisoles and slips? Read along-

What is a camisole?

Whereas a camisole is a kind of undershirt, which is worn to create a frictionless layer to add warmth underneath formal clothing or in cold weather. It typically includes spaghetti straps and can be loose, body-skimming or entirely form-fitting.

Most people may even think that a camisole and a tank top are the same; however, both are distinct pieces of clothing. Tank tops are a piece of clothing meant to be seen by others in a casual setting. They are usually determined by their sleeveless nature, but their straps and necklines vary.

What is a Slip?

A Slip is a type of  innerwear worn beneath a dress or a skirt. Often worn under transparent dresses, the clothing helps prevent any show-through of intimate wear. A slip helps prevent perspiration and chaffing of skin from fabric. Moreover, it also provides warmth in case of cold weather. It is a must-have in your wardrobe, so if you are looking to buy cotton slips online for women, trust a reputed brand.

The two main types of slips are as follows-

Full slip- This type of slip hangs from the shoulders by straps that extend to the top of busts. As full slips are available in a variety of lengths- some may end above or below your thighs, while others extend down till the ankles. A full slip is worn underneath dresses.

Waist slips- Waist slips, also referred to as half-slips, hang from the waistline and cover the lower part of the body. Waist slips are of various lengths and can be worn with a camisole- replacing the requirement of full slips.

The Camisole v/s Slip Breakdown

As told earlier, camisoles and slips are two different types of clothing. Let's help you get some more clarity through their functionalities-

Functionality of camisoles

  • Serves as a layer underneath open-knit sweaters, mesh or see-through tops.
  • Provides a smoother draping of clothing to the body by obscuring pinches and bulges.
  • Nipple coverage to an extent. Women with heavy busts can pair a camisole with a seamless bra to get maximum coverage.
  • Camisoles offer a lightweight and visible feminine layer beneath masculine-type pieces of clothing, such as a blazer and trousers. A shiny, silky or contrasting colour camisole changes the look of professional suit style. Moreover, a combination of masculine and feminine elements in a single outfit has become a trending fashion strategy now.

The functionality of a slip-

  • A slip is worn as innerwear
  • Protects skin from chaffing
  • Creates a silhouette or shape beneath your clothing
  • Works as a remedy for panty lines
  • Helps prevent bunching of fabric

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