Reasons to Swap to Comfortable Cotton Briefs for a Better Health for Girls

Comfortable Cotton Briefs

Underwear: The first piece of clothing you slip into every morning. Do you ever question yourself while shopping, “Am I purchasing the right undies?” You may not place a lot of attention when you add a piece to your cart; however, you should do it now!

While innerwear is an integral part of our daily routine, it is not something an average person would know much about.  Like, are you aware of the unspoken underwear rules or the types of fabrics which are healthier for your vaginal health?

If not, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, we shall discuss how underwear materials affect your vaginal health and why cotton is the best for you.

Being mindful of what materials your undies are made of can protect you from a host of vaginal problems. Certain types of underwear can create a damp environment, and breathability is really important. Synthetic fibres such as Lycra and nylon are confining, non-breathable and can lead to issues such as irritation, rashes and infection. In such a case, one of the best options to cut down on this risk is to buy the most absorbent material- cotton.

Since the gilded ages, the advice given for undies is to choose cotton fabric over everything else. The fabric is recommended because it's cheap, has natural moisture absorbing & drying effect and provides you with the most comfort for the money spent. Furthermore, cotton underwear comes in various styles, and one of them is briefs. Let’s discuss why you should swap to cotton girls brief online India for better vaginal health-

Prevents Yeast Infection- First things first, you shouldn’t wear any piece of clothing that doesn’t let you breathe and causes infections. You should look for briefs that are breathable and fit your body’s contours perfectly. Wearing cotton briefs can help you protect your skin from any kind of infection as the cotton fabric is absorbent and does not trap heat or moisture.

Is Natural and gentle- As the vulva is the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body, you would want to treat it gently. Cotton is the most simple and gentle fabric for human skin. And cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics you will ever find! Cotton briefs don't let you feel hot, moist, or uncomfortable in your vaginal area while you wear them, making the underwear one of the best options for daily wear.

Provides comfort- Other types of underwear such as thongs and G-strings can irritate the vagina, leading to irritation and further, skin breakdown. However, cotton briefs are quite comfortable to wear because of the elasticity they provide. Hence, briefs are one of the best options if comfort is your top priority.

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