When Should A Mother Buy A Beginner Bra?

When Should A Mother Buy A Beginner Bra?

The first bra for your daughter is a big thing and being a mother, it becomes your responsibility to give her a good ‘first experience’. But buying a bra isn’t as easy as it may sound. Some parents are uncomfortable at the thought of their daughter needing a bra and the daughter might be confused too. In such cases, there might be a delay. The way out of this is shedding the discomfort. There is no shame in having breasts and using a bra. This is the one thing that you should feel and make your daughter believe too. 

When is the right time to buy a bra for your daughter?

The average age of girls when they start to wear a bra is 11. While some girls need a bra at an age as early as 9, some might not need it until they are well into their teens. Having an open communication channel with your daughter is the best way into giving her a good first bra experience. The best time to buy beginner bra online India is when your daughter experiences puberty. This is the time when her breasts start to develop and that’s the time when she might need a solution for this new growth. 

Choosing the Right Bra 

Most mothers feel buying the first bra for their daughters is a daunting experience. But you need to understand that your little girl is now growing and you need to keep pace with it. Hence, here are some practical tips that can help in making your shopping process easier. Consider these tips if you are stepping out to buy a bra for your daughter:  

Ensuring the right fit 

Selecting and wearing a properly-fitting bra is probably one of the most important lessons you can teach your daughter. A lot of women fail to find the right fit for themselves and do not realize how comfortable it is to wear a well-fitted bra. If your daughter is comfortable getting herself measured by a professional fitter, get her measured by all means. This will help you when you buy beginner bra online in India as you’ll have an idea beforehand which size is perfect for your daughter. 

Deciding the Type of Bra 

Deciding what type of bra should your daughter wear is extremely crucial. Most first-timers prefer sports bras because they are super comfortable and do not look like one is wearing a bra. If your daughter is comfortable picking one for herself, let her do so. However, you can ensure that the material of the bra is soft and comfortable. But do not go for padding in the early stages. 

Selecting Age-Appropriate bras 

Being a parent, it becomes your responsibility to let your child select the kind of bra she wants but at the same time, you also need to ensure that whatever they buy is age-appropriate. At such a tender age, they should not go for padded bras or cut bras because these are not age-appropriate. You must explain to them that at their age, comfort is the foremost thing they need to consider. 

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